A dear friend of mine blogs often.  Actually, daily.  She blogs really well too (that is she is shrewd, witty and generally on top of the news – even the not so important stuff.) There is no real theme to her blogging, but indubitably her opinion on just about any subject prevails. I follow a few other blogs as well, but they, for the most part, are themed in one direction, i.e.: education, parenting. So, I am thinking it may be time to branch out.  I too have deep-seated opinions on various topics. I no longer feel the need to stick to dropout prevention or how the gray confusion over that salacious Fifty Shades has changed my social profile. As a matter of fact, those people who know me well may actually say I generally have a hard time keeping personal judgments to myself. I prefer to think of it as trying to save the world, one recommendation; one person at a time. (My children may not agree, but don’t listen to them.)

Perhaps a blog is simply an opportunity to up the ante by reaching a more massive population with one’s relevant advice; kind of like Dear Abby, without the requests for guidance. This could speed up the process.  In other words, providing more people read these said, upcoming blogs, I could have folks jump onto my various bandwagons and share in my rants. Together we can save the world. Writing a blog is like offering a dogmatic writer a virtual megaphone.  Now, I must decide where to start. Today my friend wrote about fashion disasters caused by drawstring pants on women under 5 feet 10 inches; among other style faux pauxs. I’m thinking I am going to start with a topic of greater significance. Perhaps I will write about how a nearly fifty year old mother of a teenager sacrifices her questionably perfect hearing by sitting seventh row at a Justin Bieber concert. This could be fun; the blogging I mean.  Right now I must get to the store to buy some earplugs. Purple, of course, lest I be accused of lacking enthusiasm for JB. I will be back; bullhorn in hand.