Define Pandemic

Define pandemic. Frankly, it is one of those words that rested comfortably and unused in my vocabulary cubbyhole until recently. Yes, an outbreak of disease that affects the whole country or, as in this case, the world, is not something I discussed…or thought about…or wrote about. Honestly, I have never been a fan of science… Continue reading Define Pandemic

Will the Real Movie Please Stand Up

Today Fifty Shades of Grey will come to a theater near you. And with its opening, comes the stirring of the coalescence that somehow caused the gray confusion that brought my Shades of Gray a rather bumpy, interesting and never-could-have-envisioned entrance into the literary world. While I may not rush to the movies this weekend,… Continue reading Will the Real Movie Please Stand Up

Boca Book Club

A week ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying a local women’s book club in discussion of what inspired Shades of Gray. I also had the opportunity to discuss past and present education issues with teachers and moms. It was a great experience and I’m grateful to The Boca Babes Book Club for welcoming me.… Continue reading Boca Book Club

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