Will the Real Movie Please Stand Up

Today Fifty Shades of Grey will come to a theater near you. And with its opening, comes the stirring of the coalescence that somehow caused the gray confusion that brought my Shades of Gray a rather bumpy, interesting and never-could-have-envisioned entrance into the literary world. While I may not rush to the movies this weekend,… Continue reading Will the Real Movie Please Stand Up

Stop Stomping on Good Teachers

A few of my good friends still teach. I am in awe of the stories they share about the trials and tribulations of their work; as well as the joys of their connections both academically and socially with their students. Unfortunately, though it is the tales that describe how little they actually get to make… Continue reading Stop Stomping on Good Teachers

Dress the Part

This morning my youngest daughter was getting ready for school and announced that some teachers give extra credit if you dress professionally. My first thought was that was absurd. My second was I wished schools required uniforms. And then my third thought, as I am clearly one to continuously recycle even the most mundane ideas… Continue reading Dress the Part

Dedicated to Teachers That Make a Difference

On Facebook I read about a teacher from my junior high school that passed away recently.  I was never fortunate enough to have her, but her reputation was such that I remember her well.  In one of the posted photos, Ms. Morell is on a field trip with Mr, Byrnes.  Mr. Byrnes, on the other… Continue reading Dedicated to Teachers That Make a Difference

Keeping the Faith

Thank you Ms. Medina

For months since the publication of Shades of Gray I have searched for the principal and assistant principal that had the gumption to push towards creating a dropout prevention program at the NYC high school at which I taught twenty plus years ago.  Who knew that one small leap of faith would be enough to… Continue reading Keeping the Faith

College Applicant Woes

A woman from a local state university was on television yesterday and I heard a bit of what she said; enough so that I have been considering the reality of it. Surely, the impact is greater for me this year, having a son applying to colleges as I write. Her message was quite simple. Her… Continue reading College Applicant Woes

Where There is Passion; There is Hope

Another article about Fifty Shades found its way to the front page of my local newspaper recently.  Frankly, I am numb. This one boasts that due to Ms. James infamous, erotic novels, “businesses focusing on sexuality are seeing a significant increase in sales.”  Well, there is good news.  I know I will sleep better tonight… Continue reading Where There is Passion; There is Hope