Let It Go

A few years ago, somewhere around one of my more significant birthdays number-wise, I was feeling angst over something a friend said or did. Another dear friend, Lisa, turned to me and said something along the lines of being in the second half now, and no longer having to endure anyone or anything that brings… Continue reading Let It Go

Will the Real Movie Please Stand Up

Today Fifty Shades of Grey will come to a theater near you. And with its opening, comes the stirring of the coalescence that somehow caused the gray confusion that brought my Shades of Gray a rather bumpy, interesting and never-could-have-envisioned entrance into the literary world. While I may not rush to the movies this weekend,… Continue reading Will the Real Movie Please Stand Up

Through Your Eyes

Someone invited me to a lecture this morning. She said I would enjoy it, because I am smart. My yoga instructor told me I am doing very well, even though I spent the last fifteen minutes of class praying for no more down dogs. Ha! I thought, imagine if I saw myself through their eyes.… Continue reading Through Your Eyes

A Blogging Megaphone

A dear friend of mine blogs often.  Actually, daily.  She blogs really well too (that is she is shrewd, witty and generally on top of the news – even the not so important stuff.) There is no real theme to her blogging, but indubitably her opinion on just about any subject prevails. I follow a… Continue reading A Blogging Megaphone