Crazy Sock Day

Tomorrow is the third and final round. Sounds conclusive, eh? In most ways I suppose it is. Like an irrevocable binding; an ending that can’t be rewritten, whatever happens tomorrow will happen no matter how much I wish we could go back. I stood in line at Target yesterday and listened to a six year… Continue reading Crazy Sock Day

Lean In to Happy

I had the great privilege of attending the kick-off of 26th Annual Jewish Book Festival the other evening. While I always enjoy showcasing Shades of Gray, the main speaker was Adele Sandberg, Sheryl Sandberg’s (Lean In) mother. At first, I admit, I questioned how much Sheryl’s mother could actually contribute to a discussion of her… Continue reading Lean In to Happy

Interview on Your Family Matters Radio

Recently, I was interviewed by Board Certified Licensed Clinical Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychoanalyst Dr. Keith Kanner on the Your Family Matters Radio Show at Also an award-winning TV show on the CW network, Dr. Kanner interviewed me about my book, Shades of Gray. Link to recording WS Radio – Your Family Matters

Dress the Part

This morning my youngest daughter was getting ready for school and announced that some teachers give extra credit if you dress professionally. My first thought was that was absurd. My second was I wished schools required uniforms. And then my third thought, as I am clearly one to continuously recycle even the most mundane ideas… Continue reading Dress the Part