(Delray Beach, FL) – Fiction author and Indie Excellence Awards finalist Susanne Jacoby Hale launches a new video with featured interviews from her former students. The video highlights stories and experiences that inspired Shades of Gray, her debut novel.

Shades of Gray is inspired from Hale’s previous experience as a dropout prevention teacher in New York City, filled with stories of teen pregnancy and struggle. The main character and teacher, Olivia Dalton, went the extra mile to mentor at risk youth. Hale took the experiences she knew as well as friends’ stories of infertility to write Shades of Gray.

Recently, Susanne interviewed former students from the ACE dropout prevention program from Martin Luther King High School in NYC as well as co-teacher Gabriel DeAngelo.

“Writing Shades of Gray gave me the opportunity to revisit an exciting time in my life. I’m hoping it will be an eye opener for teachers of at risk students as well as people considering adoption. Teachers can change lives. I’m so proud of my former students as they are now productive members of society”, says Hale.

Shades of Gray is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To view the interview video, go to http://YouTube.com/user/ShadesofGrayNovel.

About Susanne Jacoby Hale: A former dropout prevention teacher in a New York City high school, Hale earned a master’s degree from New York University in education and creative writing. She currently lives in south Florida with her husband and their three children. Shades of Gray is her debut novel. http://SusanneJacobyHale.com