Will the Real Movie Please Stand Up

Today Fifty Shades of Grey will come to a theater near you. And with its opening, comes the stirring of the coalescence that somehow caused the gray confusion that brought my Shades of Gray a rather bumpy, interesting and never-could-have-envisioned entrance into the literary world. While I may not rush to the movies this weekend,… Continue reading Will the Real Movie Please Stand Up

Where There is Passion; There is Hope

Another article about Fifty Shades found its way to the front page of my local newspaper recently.  Frankly, I am numb. This one boasts that due to Ms. James infamous, erotic novels, “businesses focusing on sexuality are seeing a significant increase in sales.”  Well, there is good news.  I know I will sleep better tonight… Continue reading Where There is Passion; There is Hope

Media Blitz

The news of how people are mistaking my Shades of Gray for EL James’ Fifty Shades of Grey has skyrocketed. While I am excited about the media attention, I am more thrilled about the platform it has given me to talk about the issues that are so real to me.  Drop-out prevention, interracial adoption, teachers,… Continue reading Media Blitz

If you prick us, do we not bleed?

As much as it has been fun writing about sex and the various shades of gray on the market right now, lately I’ve read a great deal about Trayvon Martin, but paused at the article written by Michael Skolnik (http://bit.ly/GJHotM). I couldn’t stop thinking about the real ACE kids. While Shades of Gray is fiction,… Continue reading If you prick us, do we not bleed?

Sex Sells…or so I am Told

My daughter thinks my last blog was appalling being that it insinuated that her mother, at some point in her life, may have (please note past tense) been a sexual being.  Four times, she allotted me, given that I have three children and she so generously threw in a wedding night conjoining.  I understand that… Continue reading Sex Sells…or so I am Told