Through Your Eyes

Someone invited me to a lecture this morning. She said I would enjoy it, because I am smart. My yoga instructor told me I am doing very well, even though I spent the last fifteen minutes of class praying for no more down dogs. Ha! I thought, imagine if I saw myself through their eyes. Of course, I may not have pondered this had I not watched a few of those selfie videos that are part of the new Dove campaign for real beauty yesterday. They are sheer brilliance.
In one of the videos a sketch artist who could not see his subject, asked women to describe themselves. Then he drew a second portrait based on another person’s view of that same woman. The differences were astounding. Complete strangers’ views were far more positive and downright beautiful than one’s own. Why? Why should I have felt surprise when someone called me smart? Why don’t I give myself credit for the improvements I’ve made in yoga. I am getting better. And why should I hide when a camera comes out?
We really do need to redefine beauty; if not for our children, then for ourselves. I, for one, have to stop saying it is what is on the inside that counts, if I don’t live it. What is within does matter. Apparently, that inner beauty is what comes through in those selfies. That must be who others see. Here’s my latest selfie (with my daughter; the queen of the selfies)…. Pretty, huh?

Sarah and Mom
Sarah and Mom

Dove Real Beauty Sketches