Define Pandemic

Define pandemic. Frankly, it is one of those words that rested comfortably and unused in my vocabulary cubbyhole until recently. Yes, an outbreak of disease that affects the whole country or, as in this case, the world, is not something I discussed…or thought about…or wrote about. Honestly, I have never been a fan of science… Continue reading Define Pandemic

Susanne Jacoby Hale in Campo Marzio Design at Town Center

Via Campo Marzo Design: On Sunday, December 2nd, Campo Marzio Boca Raton had the privilege of hosting Susanne Jacoby Hale, author of Shades of Gray, for a book signing in Campo Marzio Design at Town Center. Our customers were delighted to meet and chat with Mrs, Hale, a wonderful lady and a former drop-out prevention teacher… Continue reading Susanne Jacoby Hale in Campo Marzio Design at Town Center

Interviewing Former Students on

Last weekend, I was invited by a former student of mine to appear on his radio show. It was quite the experience! Tune into my interview with former students Ty and Rob on In The Mixx Radio! My interview starts at minute 29 talking about the dropout prevention program and inspiration for Shades of Gray:… Continue reading Interviewing Former Students on