Define Pandemic

Define pandemic. Frankly, it is one of those words that rested comfortably and unused in my vocabulary cubbyhole until recently. Yes, an outbreak of disease that affects the whole country or, as in this case, the world, is not something I discussed…or thought about…or wrote about. Honestly, I have never been a fan of science… Continue reading Define Pandemic

Motherhood: The Lifelong Dance

On the way to my son’s bar mitzvah he quietly announced that if I didn’t cry during the parent’s prayer he would know I loved his older sister more (since I cried during hers). I thought this was hysterical; mostly because I had no idea he was so aware. Generally my son is a master… Continue reading Motherhood: The Lifelong Dance

Crazy Sock Day

Tomorrow is the third and final round. Sounds conclusive, eh? In most ways I suppose it is. Like an irrevocable binding; an ending that can’t be rewritten, whatever happens tomorrow will happen no matter how much I wish we could go back. I stood in line at Target yesterday and listened to a six year… Continue reading Crazy Sock Day

Through Your Eyes

Someone invited me to a lecture this morning. She said I would enjoy it, because I am smart. My yoga instructor told me I am doing very well, even though I spent the last fifteen minutes of class praying for no more down dogs. Ha! I thought, imagine if I saw myself through their eyes.… Continue reading Through Your Eyes

Interview on Your Family Matters Radio

Recently, I was interviewed by Board Certified Licensed Clinical Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychoanalyst Dr. Keith Kanner on the Your Family Matters Radio Show at Also an award-winning TV show on the CW network, Dr. Kanner interviewed me about my book, Shades of Gray. Link to recording WS Radio – Your Family Matters

Where There is Passion; There is Hope

Another article about Fifty Shades found its way to the front page of my local newspaper recently.  Frankly, I am numb. This one boasts that due to Ms. James infamous, erotic novels, “businesses focusing on sexuality are seeing a significant increase in sales.”  Well, there is good news.  I know I will sleep better tonight… Continue reading Where There is Passion; There is Hope

Giving Back

Happiness never decreases by being shared.  (Buddha)  I feel fortunate to have launched my first novel, Shades of Gray. Part of what is so striking about writing a book is that it gives opportunity to reflect on those who have touched my life, and how, in some way, I may have impacted others.  It’s kind… Continue reading Giving Back

If you prick us, do we not bleed?

As much as it has been fun writing about sex and the various shades of gray on the market right now, lately I’ve read a great deal about Trayvon Martin, but paused at the article written by Michael Skolnik ( I couldn’t stop thinking about the real ACE kids. While Shades of Gray is fiction,… Continue reading If you prick us, do we not bleed?