Get this. I hired a tutor to teach me about social media. Yes, it was over a year ago and being a diligent student, I believe I have progressed in a positive direction. I now understand the value of social media to promote one’s business. I get that it is beneficial to have many followers on Twitter and even greater when those followers retweet your tweet.  I know that Twitter is timely and that my (non-personal) Facebook page need only be updated once or twice a day with the hope that what I write is so witty/inspirational/informative it will entice followers to share. I am aware of the abundance of other sites that can be used to promote whatever it is that needs promoting as well. Goodreads, for instance, is a great place for a writer to stimulate sales…..somehow. And Pinterest, what fun; only all I generally get when I peruse Pinterest are new recipes or a unique way to redecorate my kitchen/family room/bathroom. Not sure that is going to sell books. I am not too confident any of it will. Yet, I am afraid to discontinue tilling my brain to come up with creative and thrilling things to say. I’ve developed this unusual innate pull to intrigue others through social media enough that, in turn, potential folowers may buy, recommend, review or somehow endorse my book.  I can’t seem to stop playing the game. I have become addicted to various websites that keep me current on the on-goings in education and adoption – prominent topics in Shades of Gray. That part is pretty cool. The fact that I then feel the need to post all this stuff (and I use that word loosely) feels a little like going back for that last chocolate chip cookie even though I know my stomach would be much happier without.

I often try to reexamine why I wrote Shades of Gray in the first place and none of my answers lead me back to Instagram or Twitter. Frankly, the only real reason I dabble on Facebook is to stalk my children (nope, not ashamed to admit it). I’ve said before that I think life was simpler before people were glued to devices. Being on the beach without cell/internet service are some of the most invigorating and thought provoking moments of my life. The peacefulness of the beach inspires me. Other novels inspire me. Walks through a bustling city energize me. Some of the articles/tweets/inspirational quotes I read enthuse me to want to write more as well.  What does not arouse the creative juices are the knots in my shoulders from being glued to a screen while wondering if I am being inventive enough to promote something. I wrote Shades to share my story. I am still hopeful that my book will be read by many and even better, inspire educators and parents or parents-to-be. I hope that word of mouth will get it out there, particularly because I believe it is worthy, but also because I miss idle talk.  I still want to hear about a good book from friend, not just a website. So, I am going back to writing more and worrying about social media and sales less. I never wrote to be rich or famous. Nothing personal for those of you who have that innate app I am apparently missing, but for now I am tweeting down. For now.